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I am screaming

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youwillbemytemple: I need more 😭😭😭😭😭

I’ll give you mooooreee! Just wait 😊

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Anonymous: I know I was kidding but omg you almost killed me girl! I love it :)

I know you were, darling. And that was kind of the idea… 😋 haha. Glad you like it 😘

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Anonymous: WHAAAAAAAAT????????? can you post like tomorrow bc I won't sleep tonight thinking about THIS END WHAT

I don’t think I’d be able to post tomorrow hun 😭😭 but I promise I’ll post soon and plEASE sleep hahaha 😘😘

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tayga-for-life: Andrea! Ese fanfic es tan abdjfjjsdkeis omg 😭🙌

Aww gracias Aleja 😘😘😘 me alegra que te haya gustado 🙈🙈 y btw el tuyo fue hermosooooo 💕💕💕

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Helloooo! This prompt was done not so long ago and it really caught my attention. Hope you like it! I know it’s kind of short of what I’m used to write but this is just the first chapter ;)

“Stef baby, it’s time to wake up” Taylor calls for the third time and the only response he gets is a groan.

“Come on sleepyhead,” he whispers in her ear, making her eyes fly open immediately. Gaga grunts and her right arm moves mechanically to the top of her head, covering her eyes. Taylor nuzzles in her neck leaving little kisses behind her ear.

“Taylor…” she groans again and senses his smile against her skin, a triumphant one. He sits up right and stares down at her.

“Good morning, babe” he says his voice low and his smile still plastered in his face. “Waking you up is a challenge” he adds, helping her get her body in a sitting position.

“You’re already dressed. What time is it?” she asks, her eyes flickering, adjusting to the morning light.

“It was fifteen past eight the last time I checked” Taylor responds, “We have to leave at nine”

“I know” Gaga says with a yawn, stretching her arms and legs as long as she was able to, Taylor laughs. “Don’t laugh at me. It wasn’t you the one deprived of his beautiful sleep” she whines.

“You agreed to do this, didn’t you? So don’t complain. We’ll have a good time, I promise.” he says, standing up. “Go change, we don’t have much time”

Gaga nods and clambers off the bed. Putting on her plush slippers, she stands in front of Taylor for a moment and glances up at him, smiling. “Good morning” she says and plants a peck on his lips before heading to the bathroom. Taylor chuckles at her sudden act of affection and looks at her until she disappears behind the black door.


“Darling, could you please hold my purse?” she asks with puppy eyes, “I wish I had at least five arms right now” she giggles.

“Why do women have to carry so many things with them, I’ll never understand!” Taylor says taking her purse on his hands while Gaga manages to grab her two wheelie cases and a small brown satchel, which she hung over her shoulder. Taylor rolls his eyes and takes one of the wheelie cases with him as he sees she’s struggling. Now he was carrying one of her cases, her purse and his –one and only— backpack. They made their way down the building and into the car to be finally led to the jet waiting for them at the airport.


“What’s the first thing you’d like to do in Venice?” Taylor asks, putting his laptop aside and folding his arm around her shoulders.

“I don’t know. Get around in one of those gondolas, I think. You?” she says, intertwining her fingers with his.

“I was thinking on going to the beach first…but okay, you choose the places in this trip.” He kisses the top of her head, lovingly. “Finally just the two of us! I missed having you all for myself” he tilts her head back and softly, kisses her on the lips. Sleepily, she snuggles in his embrace after they pulled away. Taylor lets her nestle against his chest as he knows he woke her up too early for a post-concert day.

Caressing her hair, in a pattern of going from her ear to the back of her head, he waits till she drifts off to sleep, which doesn’t take much than five minutes. He lies her down in the small bed beside the small windows, goes to the next cabin and takes a sit in one of the cream leather seats, reclining it, he opens the book he’s been currently reading.

It feels they’ve been travelling for hours when Taylor is woken up by one of the two flight-attendants. She’s politely tapped on his shoulder and is standing in front of him with a serious expression on her face. Taylor frowns.

“Sir, I just wanted to inform we’ve been experiencing some difficulties with the aircraft. We recommend you to use the life vest located in the pouch under your seat. Once in your hands you must slip it over your head, pass the straps around your waist and adjust at the front—Taylor frowns deepens “You must fasten your seatbelt as well, sir.” She ends her terrifying speech, her serious face remains and Taylor sense there’s something wrong going on.

“Is it turbulence?” Taylor finally has the chance to speak.

“No sir” she replies dryly.

“Technical difficulties you meant?” he asks, his heart is in his throat and he just can’t hide the fear in his voice.

“Yes sir” the woman says and nods. “An oxygen mask will appear in front of you shortly. To start the flow of oxygen, pull the mask towards you. Place it firmly over your mouth and nose, secure the elastic band behind you head and breathe normally” she adds. What on earth.

Taylor completely ignores every one of the safety tips she’s just given to him by standing up his seat and walk towards the pilot’s cabin. The blonde girl tries to stop him but it’s impossible to do so.

The pilots are pressing buttons in the cockpit and speaking to the air traffic controller things he just can’t get. He’s too scared and knows nothing about what aviation concerns. Taylor shakes his head and sighs as he sees arguing with the pilots are the moment is not a smart idea. He walks back throughout the passengers’ cabin and straight to where his girl was peacefully sleeping.

  “Sir, I told you to go back to your seat and do as instructed!” The girl loses his temp and explodes.

“My girlfriend is sleeping right there. I want her safe too” he snaps angrily.

“I’m the one in charge of that, sir” She snaps back.

“Please, let me do this. I don’t want her scared. She’ll probably panic as I did, even worst.” He murmurs as he approaches to the cabin. The girl gives up.

Taylor looks down at Gaga who’s deep in sleep. He runs both hands through his hair. What to do? He needs to wake her up but he needs an excuse, a good one since they’re not even landing and telling the truth is not in the plan. Waking her up is a challenge, he already knows that and she will probably get mad at him for waking her up of her precious sleep two times in the same day. 

He sits down on the edge of the small bed, grabs her face in both of his hands and rubs her cheeks gently. To his surprise, she wakes up immediately. All disoriented and clueless of what is happening.

“Are we in Venice?” Gaga asks with a sleepy voice. She puts her hands on his that were still resting on her face and caress them.

“No, not yet. I just miss you, I want you by side. Why don’t you go and sit next to me? I’d let you sleep” he tries a smile to convince her.

“Oh T, are you serious?” she rests her head back in the pillow.

“Yes, I am serious” he says.

Gaga moves a little more to the windows and makes a space for him “cuddle with me?” she asks in her cute child-like voice. How could he resist? Though he knew she needed to be safe and they were running out of time. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.

“But not in here. This is too small for the both of us” Taylor tries the excuse.

Gaga takes a steady breath, “Okay” she stands up after him, taking his hand. They head to the cabin Taylor was before. The fight-attendant was still standing on the corridor, waiting for them to emerge. She looks at Taylor and gives him a wary stare. Taylor looks back at her apologetically and sits down next to Gaga.

“Babe, the lady insists on us to wear our life vest and seatbelt” Taylor says and looks for her life vest first. Gaga has his same reaction, a frown.

“Why?” she asks to the girl. She looks at Taylor, who has appeared from under the seat and then back at Gaga.

“Because—Taylor speaks “they are safety measures and we have to follow them” he says, slipping the life vest over her head.

“Taylor, wait! What’s going on?” she glares at him and pushes his hands away.

“Stef please, let me buckle the straps” he insists.

“I can do that, Tay. What’s happening?” she asks but Taylor ignores and goes for his own safe vest. “I can feel this going down…way too fast” she says and her voice cuts.

“It is, Ms. Germanotta” Says the girl. “Please, adjust the straps and fasten your seatbelt. We don’t have enough time” she adds politely and leaves. How can she be this polite when they are about to crash? Gaga nods and grabs Taylor’s hand, tightly. He kisses it and then her lips.

As Taylor releases her lips, they felt their bodies going forward and out of their seats, their hands slipping out of each other’s as a deafening crash was heard. Gaga’s body was rolling to the front part with chattered pieces of the plane. Taylor is managing to keep his eyes open to see where his girl has gone, he sees her body so far from his and he wants to grab her and protect her with his arms but he can’t, his own body is being pushed to the side and he can’t plant his feet on the ground. He hears her agonizing screams and he screams back to her, he howls her name but then in a sudden, everything goes black and he hears no more, feels no more. He lost her but he deeply hopes is not forever.   

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Anonymous: I've read 'teenagers' about 5 times and every time I start reading it again it feels like the first time! hahaha i love your fics soooooo much, I always read them at least 2 times! can't wait for the next one!!!! thank you 💗

Omg 😭😭 thank YOU sooo much. This message just made me so extremely happy. I never thought Teenagers would touch so many people. It’s become so special to me. I can’t explain with words. I love you and once again, thank you, thank you very much 💕

July 26 2014, 01:37 PM

Anonymous: we miss your fics, come back to us =(

So sweet <3 I’ll be back to you soon, I promise! 

July 26 2014, 01:11 AM


awe look at this photo of Tayga that Taylor favorited on twitter! (‘: 💛💙💜💚❤️💗


awe look at this photo of Tayga that Taylor favorited on twitter! (‘: 💛💙💜💚❤️💗

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