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Gaga puts both hands under her ribs to ease the pain. It doesn’t work. She lies back on the ground and tries not to move. Screaming Taylor’s name every two seconds is making it worse. She has to force her voice because of her sore throat and it makes her ribs somehow hurt but it seems not to matter for her. She just wants her Taylor back. She needs to know that she didn’t dream it all.

In that exact moment of high pitched screams mixed with sobs, Taylor arrives with his left hand and pockets full of all kind of edible things he found around, but as he sees his girl uncontrollably crying, he throws what his carrying and runs to her, kneeling by her side and putting her into an embrace with his not so broken arm. She moans loudly because of the pain it causes and Taylor releases her.

“Hey” he scoops her chin “Hey, I’m here. It’s okay” Taylor tries to calm her down taking both of her hands in his and kissing the back of them. She shakes them off his grip and brings them up to caress him and make sure it was real and not a dream. As she rubs her thumbs along his cheeks, she leaves out a gasp, he was there, he was really alive, and it wasn’t a dream! She throws herself to him, clinging strongly to his neck, letting all her fear go out by sobbing for the millionth time. At least this time she’s in his arms, feeling safe again.

“Why the fuck did you leave me alone?” she huffs, holding on his neck as tight as she could.

“I just went searching for something to eat; I know you must be hungry” He says and tries to pull back but she forces herself into him, impeding him to let go. Taylor folds his arm around her tenderly and buries his face in her neck. They stay like that for a couple of minutes until both of them are calm again.

“What happened to your arm?” She asks, seeing his shirt tied with a knot on his neck supporting his arm and keeping it in place.

“I think it’s broken. I couldn’t even move it. It hurt a lot” he says and gives her a small smile.

“I didn’t see it, did I hurt you?” she asks, concerned.

“No, it’s okay. It felt even better with you here” he opens his arm to her and she crawls carefully to him. He notices how she complains every time she moves. He has a quizzically expression as she drags closely. “What’s wrong?” his arm snakes her shoulders and puts her against his chest.   

“My ribs hurt” she confesses. Taylor frowns; he thought she was only injured. But then, how could someone be so little damaged when they were the most affected?

“I asked you earlier and you didn’t say anything” he shakes his head.

“Taylor, I wasn’t conscious. I do remember when you carried me but I was still not…totally awake” she looks down to her knuckles.

Taylor sighs and wraps her closer, “I’m sorry. It’s just that, I can’t—I can’t avoid feeling this worried. I mean, I could’ve lost you. I thought I’ve had lost you. I was convinced for an entire day! It was the worst day I could’ve ever spent, Stefani. I just” he trails off and looks down “Horrible things crossed my mind, I was about to do a very stupid thing when you woke up and—” he stops and presses his lips on her temple “I love you” he kisses.

“Oh Tay” she whispers back, bringing the images of waking up and not being by his side. “I would have done the same” she says and places her head under his chin. “I’m nothing without you.”


Taylor grabs the suitcase and gets another shirt out, this time to fold it around her torso. He helps her stand up by letting her hold on his shoulder being that he was knelt. She stands but since she hasn’t done so the whole day it’s just extremely painful and unbearable. She whines slightly as tears start springing back to her eyes making them water.

Pressing her lips together, she tries to suppress the pain but it’s way too much for her small frame, it brings her to her knees. “Taylor, I can’t” she cries and falls down letting out a scream. Scared, he approaches as soon as possible and holds her in place so that her body doesn’t fall forward as she is very weak and in a lot of pain.

“Ok, don’t worry. I got you, I got you” he murmurs to her. He closes his eyes, refusing to see his trembling baby that way. It hurts, it hurts more than anything else and it makes him so angry the fact that there’s nothing he can do to help her, to take that pain away from her.

“Better?” he murmurs after feeling her back stops heaving at every sob. She shakes her head. “I need to put this on in order to stop the pain a little” he strokes the back of her head. “You have to be strong, come on. I know you can do it” he tries to perk her up. “And I need your help because it’s much more difficult with just one arm.”

Gaga sighs and bites her lower lip, scared of the pain. She takes two steps back to let him do whatever he has to do. Taylor takes the oversized shirt and carefully wraps it around her ribs and repeats the process till the shirt allows him to. She’s been digging her nails in his skin, his shoulder had little red marks and some of them were slightly bleeding. He knots the end of the shirt with the beginning and finishes the hard work it was.

When he looks up at her she’s in a pool of tears. He walks her to the tree he left her before and lays her down with her torso resting on it. He walks away to pick up the fruits he found earlier. She’s eyeing every movement he does. He returns with his hand full and lies next to her.

“What?” noticing her expression he chuckles for the first time in two days. “You thought I was leaving?” he asks and she looks down, embarrassed.

“You probably would if I were to be sleeping” she snaps.

“Stefani” he calls and she looks at him “I wasn’t escaping, you know that.” Taylor hands a banana to her.

“No, thank you” she folds her arms and looks away.

Taylor sighs but a smile crosses his lips seeing her pouting and acting childish. He’s glad to have her even being that unnecessary mad. He peels the banana and approaches.

“And now?” he places the banana before her mouth and after hesitating for a few seconds, she gives it a bite. “Pretentious, aren’t you?” his smile grows bigger and she looks back at him, chewing her banana and batting her eyelashes funnily. It was a delight to see her act that normal after all that has happened.  

“I have a question” she bursts out randomly as she swallows the banana. Now fully facing Taylor, her eyes still glassy form the tears but she’s no longer crying.  

“What’s it?” he asks, confused.

“What happened with everybody else? I mean, I haven’t seen anyone around…” she looks into his eyes deeply, they seem bluer than ever. They make her get goose-bumps; it would have been her end not seeing those gorgeous eyes again.

“They…they passed away” Taylor looks down, feeling sorry for the lives of those who didn’t make it as they did.

“All of them?” she gasps.

“Yes, though I think the co-pilot is missing. I didn’t find his body as I did with the rest” he swallows.

“Don’t you think we should go look for him?” She suggests and he gives her a you-must-be-kidding look.

“You can barely move, Stef. And I, I’m not living you alone again” he puts a lock of hair behind her ear and bends over to a kiss. His hand holds the back of her head as his lips grace on hers. He’s lost in the kiss, in her lips and it feels so good being able to do just that, hold her and kiss her, something he thought was never gonna happen again. Gaga releases his lips and slightly touches her sore ones, there’s still the little cut in her lip that aches so much.

Gaga snakes carefully to his chest and rests her head there, her arms rounding his waist. He places his hand on her hair and caresses it, slowly and tenderly. “Tay, I don’t want to stay here for the rest of my life” she mutters, fear sensed in her voice. Taylor stops and motions her to look up at him.

“We won’t. I’m sure they’re looking for us everywhere at this moment. Our flight was supposed to land on Italy a day ago and it didn’t. You’ll see how soon they’ll find us and we’ll be home again” he says, trying to convince her and himself of it. “And if we do have to stay here,” he continues “We’re gonna make home of this, like Chicago and New York! And you know why?” he pauses to grasp her chin with his fingers “because we’re together and we always find a way to work things out, to make it all better.”

“I know,” she starts, “but Tay, I need my family. I can’t live without them, I’m attached to them. Just imagine the sadness my parents must be feeling, my little sister must be so worried,” she stifles a sob “I can’t stay here, Tay. I mean, I have you and thank god I do but we both have a life out here. We have family, we have fans. You know we can’t disappear of their lives just like that.” she finishes and lowers her face as she holds back the tears, succumbing herself to the warmth of his embrace.

There are no words coming from Taylor, she’s right and now he feels the need to go home. The way she talked…it was so heart-achingly, it gave him signs. Signs he wouldn’t like to admit. He’s afraid she would fall again in that huge shadow that has casted her before and that never leaves, depression.

 “Their plane is missing and there’s no way to communicate with them, their phones send me to voicemail right away, both of them” Joe talks on the phone, “I know it’s not an easy job but we’d appreciate if you keep us updated with every little detail you get to know about the case” he sighs and shuts his eyes close as he hangs up the phone. Cynthia approaches him and grabs his shoulder. He turns and looks down to his wife. “They’re still searching.” He speaks, huskily. Cynthia nods and grabs hold of his hands in both of hers. “They’ll find them. Everything’s gonna be okay” she reassures. Her eyes start filling with tears and as she hugs Joe, she weeps silently.

Natali is locked up in her room. Her long black hair is tied up in a bun with loosen strands stuck to her cheeks because of the tears. She has in her hands Gaga’s favorite stuffed animal, which she named Coco. She squeezes it and holds it up to her chest. She’s in a trip back to her early years, when little Stefani used to be all over her, kissing, playing and singing to her. She remembers how they were bent on making mischief all the time and whenever they got grounded and forbidden to leave their room, they would talk to each other through their hiding place they made in their closets. As she walks to the wardrobe slowly, she opens it and soon closes the door. She sits among all the stuff in there and the clothes hanging. Swiftly she knocks on the little door that communicates the two rooms as if someone is there to open it. She knocks again and the tears start streaming down as reality hits her. Holding her knees up to her chest, she starts sobbing. Praying for her sister, asking for her to come back home, safe and sound.

Pam is in an airplane with two of Taylor’s brothers, they’re going to New York. She’s devastated and not willing to endure another loss, another one of her boys being taken away from her. But even as sad and tormenting everything is; she’ll no leave stone unturned. She’s going to get reunited with Gaga’s family so they can make a team and search for their beloved ones all together.

“Mom, you look exhausted, are you sure you don’t want to rest for a while? You haven’t slept in two days” Trent asks his mother, who is vaguely paying attention. After a while, she shakes her head mildly.

“I’m okay,” she looks at her son impassively and he decides to let his mother do what she feels better doing. “Where’s Adam? Tell him to secure himself. These things are save no more.” she whispers, her voice almost inaudible. Looking out of the window, she goes back to her thoughts full of worries and offering silent prayers to God, asking for a second chance for her Taylor.

Trent is the closest with Taylor, it was being so hard to keep it together knowing his brother is missing and seeing his mother like that at the same time. A tear rolls down his cheek as the plane takes off. Please, let Taylor be okay, let my brother be alive. Adam hasn’t been as strong, he has cried on his brother’s shoulder while their mother is not looking. The story was repeating once again, and it was an out of their control situation.

Meanwhile, the news was talking about them nonstop, they were in every headline and it was the number 1 topic in every social network. “The 757, Lady Gaga’s private jet is missing!” “Missing Jet: It never landed” “Did the 757 get hijacked?” “Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga: lost somewhere between the U.S and Europe!”

Besides their families, there was this enormous group of people all over the world, their fans, doing their best to find out what happened. They were as concerned and shocked, totally devastated. It was being a hard time for them as well; most of them were expressing their pain through the media, reuniting in big groups to comfort each other and sending reassuring letters to their families and closest friends. 


“He treats me like a queen and buys surprises for me all the time. He’s just like you hoped your teenage dream would be. He’s great. He loves the message, the show, you, the music, everything. And he wants me to love you more; he sits next to me when I’m on the site and laughs. He loves all my fashion and clothes. We’re just dating and we’re very happy.”



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What do you look for in a partner?

“Neither of us care to be viewed as a celebrity couple. Those sorts of things are not important to us. I think what has made me so happy with Taylor is that he fiercely loves me from the inside out. And he is completely blind to the way that I dress, my changes, my creative process as it is — he knows me as the Italian-American girl my mother and father gave birth to. He’s very supportive of everything that I do, and it means very much to me. He’s the first man that I have dated that, when I sing onstage, he cries. That means more to me than anything.”

- Gaga on her relationship with Taylor, to The Times UK  (via gaga-taylor)


"Neither of us care to be a celebrity couple. What has made me so happy with T is that he fiercely loves me from the inside out" - Lady Gaga

"Taylor is very supportive and it means so much to me. He’s the first man that I have dated that, when I sing onstage, he cries" - Lady Gaga

"Taylor is completely blind to my creative process. He knows me as the Italian-American girl my mother & father gave birth to." - Lady Gaga


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